Access Pre-Built Predictive Analytics with Speed and Agility for Rapid Decision Making

  • Prescriptive Analytics

    • Missing data strategy
    • Duplicates
    • Special characters
    • Datatype conversion
  • Data Quality

    • Missing data strategy
    • Duplicates
    • Special characters
    • Datatype conversion
  • Predictive Analysis

    • Identifying use-cases
    • Duplicates
    • Special characters
    • Datatype conversion
  • Exploratory Analysis

    • Data describe
    • Interquartile range (IQR)
    • Standard deviation, variance and co-variance
    • Data correlation analysis
    • Data visualization

EnterpriseSpeed is a one-stop platform which offers end-users the capabilities to describe data relationships and data correctness rules, build intuitive analytical insights to explore the unknowns, create sandbox versions using pre-built predictive computations for growth projections as well as create prescriptive actionable events using artificial intelligence packages.

Our platform offers business users speed, agility, ease-of-use, governance and approval workflow without any technical complexities or know-how.

Challenges Faced by Business Users

Dynamic Business Scenarios and the Need to Build Rapid Prototypes

Business users continue to face mounting challenges due to the dynamic nature of multiple business levers and their impact. Often, they need a self-service platform which allows them to perform a quick proof-of-work on an experimental basis and take a fail-fast approach. However, in the enterprise world, ingesting of new data, handling of performance and a sandbox environment, computation logic development and data governance are controlled by various groups within the IT organization. There is a considerable time lag between planning and executing, creating a lack of agility and resilience when it comes to ideation.

Understanding Data Complexities and its Correlation

Business users often create very complex, disconnected and isolated excel worksheets as their working models, to understand data correlation, especially when it comes to prediction or forecasting. The most time intensive activities are data collection and defining its relationship, typically using excel tables. This analysis helps identify the relevant business drivers for building their experimental prediction models or algorithms, mainly through regression or classification.

Keeping Pace with Technology Advancement in Self-Service Mode

Technology is evolving at a very rapid pace especially when it comes to analytics, which involves exploration, evaluation and computation of large datasets. This is followed by review and understanding of data to arrive at some actionable insight for business growth. Often, end-users are not very tech savvy and find it hard to keep pace with technology while the success of the business depends on agility and speed in a truly self-service manner.

Data Security and Data Sharing Process Governance

Security of data and maintaining its confidentially becomes a humongous task in a self-service environment. This is especially true where the main objective of the business is to build rapid prototypes, based on ever-changing business and economic scenarios, to be resilient and agile.

Leverage an Easy-to-Use Analytics Platform Governed by Enterprise Data Security

EnterpriseSpeed is an integrated analytics platform unleashing the power of data for the business community, leveraging Microsoft Excel as the user interface. Business users do not need knowledge of any technology other than MS Excel. It offers the simplest user experience, governed by enterprise data security and compliance. It is scalable both vertically and horizontally based on business needs.

Who Can Use EnterpriseSpeed (ES)?

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